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RG65 2023 Calendar

Date Host Club
Saturday & Sunday 15/16th April East Kent @ Bartons Point (TT1 & TT2)
Saturday 27th May Watermead TT3
Saturday & Sunday 3/4th June Datchet (TT4 & TT5)
Sunday 2nd July Bournville – TT6
Saturday & Sunday 12/13 August Woodspring (TT7 & TT8)
Saturday & Sunday 23/24th September Birkenhead (Nationals – TT9)
Saturday & Sunday 7/8th October Eastbourne (TT10 & TT11)

Calendar Archive

RG65 2022 Calendar

Date Host Club
Friday 1st April Lincoln (TT1)
Saturday & Sunday 14/15th May Eastbourne (Nationals & TT2)
Saturday 11th June Bournville (TT3)
Saturday & Sunday 16/17th July Keighley (TT4 & TT5)
Saturday & Sunday 17/18th September Two Islands (TT6 & TT7)
Saturday & Sunday 22nd & 23rd October Birkenhead (TT8 & TT9)

RG65 2021 Calendar

Date Host Club Event Notices
Saturday 31/7/21 Birkenhead RG65 TT1  
Sunday 1/8/21 Birkenhead RG65 TT2  
Saturday 21/8/21 Bournville RG65 TT3  
Sunday 22/8/21 Watermead RG65 TT4  
Saturday & Sunday 18&19/9/21 Keighley RG65 Nationals  

The RG65 TT Events for 2020 are

Date Event Host Club Notices
14-Mar-2020 RG65 TT Birkenhead Results
15-Mar-2020 RG65 TT Birkenhead Results
25-Apr-2020 RG65 TT Eastbourne Cancelled *
26-Apr-2020 RG65 TT Eastbourne Cancelled *
30-May-2020 RG65 TT Bournville Cancelled *
07-Jun-2020 RG65 TT Watermead Cancelled *
4 & 5-Jul-2020 RG65 National
Keighley Cancelled *
3-Oct-2020 RG65 TT Datchet  

* Please note that many events on the 2020 Calendar are being Cancelled or Postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 Restrictions.

Events shown as Postponed may be staged later in the year where possible.

Events showing as Cancelled will not be rescheduled

For previous years please see our Calendar Archive


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