TT Round3 – Sat 3rd June 2023

Five RG65 sailors turned up for round 3 of this years TT. Despite a small crowd there were 3 different designs a Sith, Skinno, and 3 Uno one of which had been carefully put together in kit form by Doug Penman.

After a comprehensive briefing by Hugh McAdoo we donned our life jackets a launched out RG’s for the first race of the day. The day would be split into one initial race with a break for adjustments then a series  of three races with breaks in between. 
With the wind around 8knts gusting 14knts it was solid high aspect with some discussion as to think about starting with low aspect. 
With racing underway Rohan Williams took the first 3 races with Wayne Stobbs then setting the pace with his 5 win streak only being broken by Mike Kemp. Unfortunately Phil Holliday had receiver issues and was on more than one occasion in the lead to then be left without sheeting ability – very frustrating however.  The afternoon brought with it a lull in the wind causing an abandoned race and a stay in proceedings and perfect time for a lunch break in the canteen.
Everyone was excited about the afternoon session and it was all to play for and with such close racing throughout was really exciting especially as the wind had increased with many opting for a lower aspect rig to cope with the gusts coming over the club house. 
The racing continued throughout the fleet in the afternoon with got tactical racing both upfront and in mid-fleet. After a great day sailing the prizes went to Mike Kemp in 3rd with Wayne Stobbs taking 2nd and Rohan Williams coming home in 1st. 
TT Round4 – Sun 4th June 2023
Greeted by similar winds to Saturdays TT3, TT4 was set for yet another day of champagne sailing. Sunscreen, hats and life jackets donned we launched ready for a fantastic day under the close eye once again of PRO Hugh McAdoo. 
It was Phil Holliday and his Skinno taking the first win of the day with two Uno crossing seconds behind it set the tone and was clear; make a mistake and you are at the back. The next win went to Rohan Williams followed by Dorian Crease taking his first win. This trend was set to continue for some exciting battles most of which decided the winner on the last leg of the course. 
Race 5 gave us a redress hearing after an unfortunate coming together but this allowed Rohan Williams to open up a lead but in race six Rohan went around the wrong marks by mistake and took him from first to last on the water in a heart beat. 
With all to play for in the afternoon, the wind picked up enough to go down to low aspect and the game was on again with lots to think about with the windward gate as the wind would favour different sides for each race and also the choice do l go out in wind or hope for a lift along the wall which sometime paid off. 
A keenly fought competition came to a close with Rohan Williams taking the podium with 12 points followed by Dorian Crease on 18.5 points and Phil Holliday taking 3rd position on 25 points.

Huge thank you to Datchet for hosting the class over the two days and looking forward to further TT events later in the year.