A great turnout of 19 skippers arrived at Bournville for the event. Two fleets were the order of the day, particularly as the wind was forecast to increase and generate some lively conditions. A westerly prevailed for the day, but it was anything but steady. Much frustration was evident as skippers made changes from 1st to 2nd rigs and back again whilst the wind strength rose and fell to contradict the skippers’ efforts. There were two instances of de-masting and various other strength testing happenings. Repairs were skilfully implemented under pressure of time to resume sailing and get those much sought after points.
Most skippers found themselves in A fleet and then B fleet at various times, and it was not all one way for the top five.
Good sportsmanship was displayed by everyone with all contacts being resolved with penalty turns completed quickly. In all, the RG65 class provided some fast and close quarter action which all enjoyed taking part in.