Round 8 of the TT series attracted 15 skippers from 8 different clubs, unfortunately the wind was not from a favoured direction for the lake but blew from a Southerly direction, wind strength was good though with a few nosedives by most at sometime during the day.
John Carlin volunteered for PRO duties and set a decent course that was tweaked on more than one occasion during the day. The racing was all about getting the start right which was easier said than done.
Racing concluded at 4pm with 15 races completed thus giving us 2 discards. John Tushingham was the winner on the day sailing his conventionally rigged Scurry, Graham Elliott sailing his Argon was second with Peter Baldwin sailing an Uno rounding out the podium.
Race winners on the day were, Graham Elliott (5), John Tushingham (4) and Peter Baldwin, Christopher Elliott, John Brierley, Dorian Crease, Bill Culshaw and Vernon Appleton all getting 1 race win each.
Round 9 and the series decider was on the Sunday, 13 skippers from 8 clubs, the good news was that the wind was a beautiful top suit from Gautby Road with plenty of shifts that could make anyone look great if they got in tune with them or send you to the back of the pack if you misread a couple of them.
John Brierley took the PRO job and set a great start line and gate that spread the fleet out nicely. On the day we completed 16 races by the 3.30 cut off time that gave us 3 discards. It was Dorian Crease sailing his Manta 21 who gained top honours on the day, Dorian sailed a great day and in a manner that was to be admired, 2nd place again went to Graham Elliott sailing his Argon with Peter Baldwin in 3rd sailing his Uno.
Race winners on the day were Bill Culshaw (4), Dorian Crease (3), Chris Elliott (3), Graham Elliott (2), Peter Baldwin (2) Derek Priestley and Vernon Appleton both with a single race win each.
A big thank you must go to all volunteers, Judith Baldwin for finishing and scoring all weekend, Chris and Jocelyn for keeping the endless supply of tea, coffee and cake over the weekend and our two PRO’s John Brierley and John Carlin.
Next years TT calendar is now nearly completed and hopefully we can look forward to races at Eastbourne, Woodspring, Barton Point, Datchet, Bournville and Birkenhead, all to be confirmed for the 2023 season.

Results as follows:

Sunday pictures thanks to Judith, although light levels were a little poor for the mobile phone camera.

Overall Results have been updated after Birkenhead and available on the Overall Results page here